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last update: 1 February 2016

This is a collection of links to infomation on composer John Cage. Please send any corrections and updates to me at josh (ate) ronsen (dote) org If you have any questions about Cage, the perfect place to ask them is SILENCE, the John Cage Discussion List, which can be joined at NEW! means link added in past update or so. Photo of Cage and Losa by Sabine Matthes.


Lists of Works

  1. Edition Peters — a list of works available from his publisher, Edition Peters; scores can be ordered from here.
  2. NY Public Library Collection — Annotated list of scores and manuscripts in the NY Public Library collection.
  3. Larry Solomon's List — Detailed list of pieces arranged chronologically and alphabetically
  4. Andre Chaudron's List — Detailed worklist by André Chaudron
  5. James Pritchett's List — A list compiled by James Pritchett
  6. Paul van Emmerik's List — detailed list of compositions with notes


  1. Andre Chaudron's Discography — very detailed discography by André Chaudron
  2. A John Cage Filmography — a list of films that feature Cage or his music
  3. Paul van Emmerik's Discography — detailed discography by label with notes
  4. Paul van Emmerik's List of Art Works — detailed list of art works, with notes


  1. 1963 interview by Jonathan Cott in .mp3 audio format
  2. 1963 interview — with Jack Hirschman
  3. interview with Roger Reynolds — 1967 interview, JSTOR logon required
  4. John Cage and Morton Feldman in Conversation — 1967 conversation in steaming audio format
  5. Cage on Fuller — interview with Cage concerning Buckminster Fuller, 19??
  6. 1969 interview — with Richard Friedman
  7. 1970 interview with Max Nyffeler — 1970
  8. interview on "Empty words" — brief excerpt of radio interview, 1974, also includes audio sample
  9. interviewed by Paul Cummings — 1974
  10. interview with Art Lange — 1977, originally published in "Brilliant Corners"
  11. For The Third Time — 1978 video interview by Richard Kostelanetz on Writing for the Third Time Through Finnegans Wake
  12. Interview with Cage and Cunningham — 1981 video interview
  13. 1982 interview — Cage interviewed by Peter Gena, 1982
  14. 1983 interview — from Audio Arts book
  15. 1983 interview — by Charles Amirkhanian, .mp3 audio format, with musical examples
  16. 1985 interview — by Stephen Montague
  17. A Conversation about Radio — 1986 interview by Richard Kostelanetz, JSTOR logon required
  18. interview with John Held — interview with John Held, 1987
  19. His Own Music — 1987 Ur-Conversation produced by Richard Kostelanetz (18 page excerpt from John Cage Conversing), JSTOR logon required
  20. 1987 interview — by Bruce Duffie
  21. shhh... you know who — 1988 interview with Brian Morton published in the Wire
  22. 1988 interview — by John Diliberto
  23. Cage on Slonimsky — 1988? Quicktime video interview with Cage on Slonimsky
  24. 1989 Q and A Session — at Norton Lectures, in .mp3 format. Part 2 is here.
  25. interview with Serizawa, Kanesaka, and Takagishi — 1989
  26. interview with Ed Herrmann — 1989, there are also 5 audio exceprts on the site
  27. 1990 interview with Pataphysics Magazine — 1990
  28. John Cage and the Glaswegian Circus — 1990 interview with Steve Sweeney Turner, JSTOR logon required
  29. Cage on his paintings — brief excerpts of interview with Cage on his paintings, 1990?
  30. Interview with Steve Sweeney-Turner — also available in .pdf format
  31. Miami interview — brief interview in Miami, 1991
  32. 1991 interview — by Alan Anderson in .pdf format
  33. Interview with Laurie Anderson — Cage interviewed by Laurie Anderson, 1992

Writings by Cage

  1. Autobiographical statement — An autobiographical statement on the New Albion website
  2. Experimental Music — (1957)
  3. Cage on Feldman — 4 excerpts of writings from "Silence" concerning Morton Feldman
  4. quotes — a collection of 12 quotes by Cage, some from his book Silence
  5. Mud Book — Scans from Cage's book with Lois Long on making mud pies, more scans here
  6. Diary: How to Improve the World — section of work published in Aspen No. 4 (1966)
  7. Anarchist Poem — written in 1966?
  8. The East in the West — 1968, JSTOR logon required
  9. Notations — the compedium of graphic scores compiled by Cage and Alison Knowles, in .pdf format (also available here)
  10. 1972 letter to US government — written in support of Yoko Ono's immigration status
  11. Mesostics from "M" — 4 mesostics
  12. Memogram Correspondences — 15 typed and hand written letters from 1976-1986
  13. Maurice Graves — Cage discusses the artist in Audio Arts, Vol 6 No. 2&3, 1983.
  14. Tokyo Lecture and Three Mesostics — 1986, JSTOR logon required.
  15. Roaratorio — Cage writes about this work Roaratorio, taken from the liner notes to the Mode Records recording
  16. Writing Through Howl — excerpt from "Writing through Howl" (1984)
  17. Raphael Mostel — Cage's mesostic on the name "Raphael Mostel"
  18. mesostic on Nicolas Slonimsky — mesostic written in 1989
  19. Anarchic Harmony
  20. written instructions for Five Hanau Silences (1991)

Articles/essays about Cage


  1. bio — brief bio
  2. American Master — brief bio on PBS's American Masters page, includes video clip
  3. Wikipedia entry
  4. Introduction to "The Music of John Cage" — the introduction to James Pritchett's excellent book on Cage's music
  5. NY Times Obituary — from August 13, 1992
  6. John Cage: September 5, 1912-August 12, 1992 — by Mark Swed, JSTOR logon required
  7. NEW! Nothing: A Centenary to Celebrate — by Paul Kilbey

On Specific Pieces

  1. Early works for keyboards — liner notes written by Stephen Drury
  2. The City Wears a Slouch Hat — liner notes by James Pritchett, also in .pdf format
  3. Sonatas and Interludes — liner notes by James Pritchett, also in .pdf format
  4. Cage's Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano: Performance, Hearing and Analysis — by Jeffrey Perry, JSTOR logon required
  5. A Piano Piece's Nuts and Bolts — By Mark Swed, with interview material from James Tenney
  6. Cage and the prepared piano — by James Pritchett
  7. The Sound collector - The Prepared Piano of John Cage — by Tim Ovens, also in .pdf format
  8. prepared piano demonstration — Real Audio video of Margaret Leng Tan demonstrating how to prepare the piano for "Bacchanle." A Real Audio sound interview with MLT on the prepared piano can be found here
  9. The Piano Works — liner notes written by Stephen Drury
  10. Work for Violin and Piano — liner notes written by Stephen Drury
  11. 4'33" — by Larry Solomon
  12. What silence taught John Cage: The story of 4'33" — by James Pritchett
  13. 4'33" — by Peter Gutmann
  14. Margaret Leng Tan talks about 4'33" — Real Audio interview
  15. Toy Piano — Margaret Leng Tan interviewed about Toy Piano
  16. Ten Thousand Things — chapter from James Pritchett's disertation "The use of chance techniques in the music of John Cage, 1950-1956"
  17. Atlas Eclipticalis — brief analysis by James McHard
  18. Iannis Xenakis and John Cage: Two Sides of a Tossed Coin — by Tako Oda, compares use of chance in "Fontana Mix" and "Pithoprakta"
  19. The Shapes of Indeterminacy: John Cage's Variations I and Variations II — by David P. Miller, also in .pdf format
  20. Variations II — David Tudor's realization of Variations II, written by James Pritchett, also in .pdf version
  21. John Cage's Variations II: The Morphology of a Global Structure — by Thomas DeLio, JSTOR logon required
  22. John Cage at the University of Illinois, 1952-69 — by Johanne Rivest, including info on HPSCHD
  23. John Cage's HPSCHD — by Sara J. Heimbecker, in .pdf format
  24. The Cage Style — essay by Greg Sandow decribing performance of "Song Books" and other pieces
  25. Song Books — A Marvelous Madness: John Cage's Song Books by Rob Haskins
  26. Song Books Score — 1995 essay by Richard Kostelanetz
  27. Song Books — Zac Bond explains each solo in detail.
  28. Imitations/transformations — by James Pritchett concernng "Harmonies" and "Cheap Imitation"
  29. Etceteras — liner notes written by Stephen Drury
  30. John Cage and History: Hymns and Variations — by William Brooks, JSTOR logon required
  31. John Cage's "Letters to Erik Satie" — by Marc Thorman, JSTOR logon required
  32. Freeman Etudes — liner notes by James Pritchett
  33. Hymnkus — by Peter Gena
  34. Marcel Duchamp, James Joyce, Erik Satie: An Alphabet — review by Josh Ronsen
  35. Essay — Text that accompanied an installation of Cage's "Essay" in Berlin in 1993, written by James Pritchett, also .pdf version
  36. A Dip in the Lake — brief article by Peter Gena
  37. The Music of Verbal Space: John Cage's "What You Say" — by Marjorie Perloff
  38. Europeras — essay by Stefan Beyst
  39. De-Composing Opera/Re-Composing Listening: John Cage's Europeras — by David Ryan, JSTOR logon required
  40. Synergetic Dynamics in John Cage's "Europeras 1 & 2" — by Laura D. Kuhn, JSTOR logon required
  41. Europeras 3 and 4 — liner notes by James Pritchett
  42. I_VI — "A Man Inspired by Chance" by John Rockwell
  43. NEW! ORGAN^2/ASLSP — by John Darnielle
  44. Two^2 — The Harmony of Emptiness: John Cage's Two^2 by Rob Haskins
  45. Two^4 — liner notes written by Stephen Drury
  46. One^4, Four, Twenty-Nine — A Mix RE: some Number Pieces: Notes for Recording of One^4, Four, and Twenty-Nine by Rob Haskins
  47. Four^4 — Anarchism and the Everyday: Cage's Number Pieces by Rob Haskins
  48. Five^3 — notes by James Pritchett
  49. John Cage and the Squat — about Five Hanau Silences (1991)
  50. Atlas Eclipticales, Winter Music, 103 — liner notes written by James Pritchett
  51. Atlas Eclipticales, Winter Music, 103 — review of Atlas Eclipticales, Winter Music, 103
  52. One^8 — by James Pritchett
  53. One^9 and 108 — Notes for One^9 and 108 by Rob Haskins
  54. Rolywholyover — brief article about the Rolywholyover museum event.
  55. Oceans — interview with Merce Cunningham concerning their last collaboration together

Misc. Topics

  1. Cage — by Stewart Buettner, JSTOR logon required
  2. Analysis of Scores — Peter Gena analyzes Cage's scores from the 1950s
  3. John Cage: morphological systems for scoring — by M. Blair Ligon
  4. Composing after Cage. Permission Granted — by Geoff Smith, JSTOR logon required
  5. John Cage: Choral music (a timeline) — liner notes by James Pritchett
  6. John Cage: Professor, Maestro, Percussionist, Composer — by B. Michell Williams
  7. Notes on Cage, Harmony and Analysis — by Rob Haskins, also availbe in .pdf format
  8. What John Cage Did — by Kenneth Maue
  9. Writings by Wierzbicki — 6 essays and reviews of Cage by James Wierzbicki
  10. Wiring John Cage: Silence as a Global Sound System — by Charles A. Baldwin
  11. John Cage's Queer Silence — by Jonathan Katz
  12. Cage Speaks Faster When the Street Gets Noisy — article by Greg Sandow
  13. John Cage: Silence and Silencing — by Douglas Kahn, JSTOR logon required
  14. Silencing the Sounded Self: John Cage and the Intentionality of Nonintention — by Christopher Shultis, JSTOR logon required
  15. EC=JC2: John Cage as Exemplary Creator — by David Nicholls, also available in .pdf format
  16. "Something like a hidden glimmering": John Cage and recorded sound — by James Pritchett
  17. John Cage as a Hörspielmacher — by Richard Kostelanetz, JSTOR logon required
  18. Art & Life: John Cage, Avant-gardism & Technology — by Martin J.C. Dixon, also available in .pdf format
  19. Cage: Chance: Change — by Marjorie Perloff
  20. John Cage and the "Project of Modernity" — by David W. Bernstein
  21. Postmodernism and the Music of John Cage — by Nancy Perloff
  22. Freedom in experimental music: the New York Revolution — by Peter Gena
  23. NEW! Listening to Cage: Nonintentional philosophy and music — by Richard Flemming
  24. John Cage's Living Theatre — by Majorie Perloff
  25. The Anarchist Art of John Cage — by Richard Kostelanetz
  26. Crises of Authenticity — by Joe Panzner; examines Variations II, Song Books, and 103
  27. Blame it on Cage — by Steev Hise
  28. John Cage: Composed In America - Kenneth Goldsmith reviews the book "John Cage: Composed in America"
  29. John Cage in a New Key — by Natalie Crohn Schmitt, JSTOR logon required
  30. New Beginnings — by Edward Dudley, JSTOR logon required
  31. John Cage: Ghost or Monster? — By Cornelius Cardew, JSTOR logon required
  32. The Cage Case: Existential Joker — by Elaine Barkin, JSTOR logon required
  33. Three Thousand Seven Hundred Forty-Seven Words about John Cage — by Edward Morris, JSTOR logon required
  34. 11 Stories — 11 more remembrances

Cage & ...

  1. Cage and Cunningham — by Cornelius Cardew, JSTOR logon required
  2. Cage and Cunningham — essay on Cage's working relationship with Merce Cunningham by Connie Sunday
  3. Constructed Anarchy — article on Cage and Cunningham by Marjorie Perloff
  4. Cage, Mallame and Duchamp — academic article linking Cage with Mallame and Duchamp, also an interactive map of related ideas and thinkers
  5. Duchamp and Cage — Glasswanderers by Julia Dur
  6. Cage and Satie — by Michael Nyman, JSTOR logon required
  7. John Cage's Studies with Schoenberg — by Michael Hicks, JSTOR logon required
  8. Cage Contra Stravinsky, or Delineating the Aleatory Aesthetic — by Frank W. Hoogerwerf, JSTOR logon required
  9. Henry Cowell and John Cage: Intersections and Influences, 1933-1941 — by Leta E. Miller, JSTOR logon required
  10. Cage and Joyce — brief analysis of Cage's use of James Joyce texts in his work
  11. Heidegger's Hölderlin and John Cage — by Michael Eldred
  12. Privileging the Moment: Cage, Jung, Synchronicity, Postmodernism — by Charles Hamm, JSTOR logon required
  13. Renaldo & Clara Meet John Cage: Aleatory Cinema and the Aesthetics of Incompetence — by David Sterritt
  14. Cage and Beyond: An Annotated Interview with Christian Wolff — by David Patterson, JSTOR logon required
  15. John Cage's Dublin, Lyn Hejinian's Leningrad: Poetic Cities as Cyberspaces — by Marjorie Perloff
  16. Cage and Rauschenberg — by Peter Gena
  17. Morton Feldman speaks of Cage — Interview with Morton Feldman about Cage

Paintings/Visual Art by Cage

Leaving aside the many beautiful scores by Cage that could be considered "visual art," here are links to various paintings, sculptures and other visual artworks made by Cage.
  1. Not Wanting to Say Anthing about Marcel (1969)

  2. Plant Watering Instructions (?)

  3. Changes and Disappearances #26 (1979-82)

  4. Crown Point Press
    — images of paintings made at Crown Point Press, plus a photo of Cage working in 1980

  5. Watercolors at Margarete Roeder Gallery

  6. Changes + Disappearances #30 (1982)

  7. R3 (Where R=Ryoanji) (1983)

  8. 2R + 13 x 14 (Where R=Ryoanji) (1983)

  9. Weathered (1984)

  10. Ryoku 5 (1985)

  11. Eninka #35 (1986)

  12. 10R/6 (1987)

  13. New River Watercolor Series I (1988)


  14. New River Watercolor, Series IV, #4 (1988)

  15. Dramatic Fire (1989)

  16. 75 Stones (1989)

  17. Stones (1989)

  18. Wild Edible Drawing No. 6 & 8 (1990)

  19. Mesostinatostics (1989)

    — 2 "Mesostinatostic" writings on colored discs

  20. River Rocks and Smoke 4/11/90 #1 (1990)

  21. Mozart Mix (1991)

  22. Matress Factory Installation (1991)
    — picture gallery of installation of artwork by Cage and others

  23. Untitled (1991)

  24. Where R = Ryoanji (3R/17) (1992)

Sound Files

  1. Story from Living Room Music — voices by Arnold Marinissen
  2. The Perilous Night — performed by Richard Bunger. This is part of an 81 minute radio program on the prepared piano; other works by other composers are also performed, but a demonstration is given on how to prepare a piano to perform Cage's A Valentine Out of Season. Streaming format
  3. Sonata XIII — excerpt of "Sonata XIII" (on poorly designed page with frames: click on the little picture of the screw and then click on Sonata XIII icon)
  4. Sonatas and Interludes — performed by James Tenney
  5. Suite for Toy Piano — performed by Margaret Len Tang, streaming format
  6. String Quartet in Four Parts — Zehetmair Quartet performs 2 parts, in Real Media format
  7. 27'10.554" for a Percussionist — FLAC format, 1960s performance by Donald Knaack
  8. 26'1.1499" for a String Player — FLAC format, 1960s performance by Bertram Turetzky
  9. 26'1.1499" for a String Player — .mp3 of Charlotte Moorman realization
  10. Radio Music (1956) — Real Audio file from Fluxus Anthology
  11. Electronic Music for Piano — .mp3, performed by John Tilbury and Sebastian Lex
  12. Mushroom Haiku — .mp3 of Cage reading. Another reading from Silence is here.
  13. Cartridge Music — 1977 radio program featuring excerpts from Cartridge Music, Aria with Fontana Mix, Variations IV, 4’33”, Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse), Part VI , Song Books: I & II & Empty Words, In a Landscape plus a Q&A with Cage before an audience. 134 minutes, streaming format.
  14. Aria with Fontana Mix — .FLAC format of Cathy Berberian performance with Magnetic tape
  15. Fontana Mix - Feed — .mp3 of 1967 Max Neuhaus realization
  16. Solos for Voice 2 — .FLAC format of The Brandeis University Chamber Chorus performance
  17. Variations I — .FLAC format of Gerd Zacher (organ) performance
  18. Variations I — .mp3 of 2004 live version by Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Mihaela Ursuleasa (here is the score).
  19. Variations III — .FLAC format of New Music Ensemble of the San Francisco Conservatory performance.
  20. 1965 lecture/performance —"On Robert Rauschenberg, Artist and His Work", published in his Silence, and "26 Statements Re Duchamp", and "Jasper Johns: Stories and Ideas"
  21. Duet for Cymbal — 1965 performance by Cage and David Tudor, using the score to “Cartridge Music”
  22. Varitations IV — 1965 performance by Cage and David Tudor
  23. Diary: How to Improve the World I (excerpt) — Real Audio file taken from Wergo CD
  24. MEWANTEMOOSIECDAY — 1969 performance combining works of Satie and Cage at Putah Creek Lodge (UC Davis), streaming format
  25. Music in Dialogue — 1969 Lecture at UC Davis
  26. Lecture on Chance — 1969 lecture on chance operations at UC Davis, streaming format
  27. Lecture on mushrooms — 1970 lecture on mushrooms and other subjects, streaming format
  28. 1971 Performance — of "Not Wanting to Say Anything about Marcel," "Diary: How to Improve theWorld (You Will Only Make Matters Worse, Part VI)," and "Acrostic: Merce Cunningham."
  29. 1971 lecture/reading of Diary — by Cage
  30. 62 Mesostics Re - Merce Cunningham (1971) — .mp3 of Jack Briece performance
  31. Mureau — .mp3s of Cage reading this work in Germany, 1972
  32. Song, Derived from the Journal of Henry David Thoreau (1976) — .mp3 of Cage reading
  33. Mureau + Q&A — 1977 reading and Q&A at Cabrillo Music Festival
  34. Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake (1978) — .mp3 of Cage reading
  35. A Dip in the Lake — .mp3s of a 2000 version
  36. Mesostic I-VI Part I (1989) — .mp3, read by Cage
  37. Themes and Variations — read by Al Filreis, Shawn Walker, and George Blaustein
  38. Composition in Retrospect — read by Cage
  39. John Cage Meets Sun Ra — .mp3 file taken from LP of same name. The other half of this can be found here.
  40. What You Say (On Jasper Johns) (excerpt) — Real Audio file taken from Mode Records release The Text Pieces I
  41. ASLSP — current note in 639 year long performance of ASLSP
  42. One^7 — 1991 performance by Cage, + Q&A with audience, 77 minutes, streaming format
  43. Ode to Gravity: John Cage — Charles Amirkhanian produced radio show featuring excertps of Cage's music and bits of 1983 and 1987 interviews

Online Video


  1. A Room — by Floraleda Sacchi (harp)
  2. In the Name of the Holocaust — performed by Margaret Leng Tan
  3. Dreams that Money Can Buy — video and audio from Hans Richter film, with Marcel Duchamp's rotating art and prepared piano music from Cage.
  4. In A Landscape — by Floraleda Sacchi (harp)
  5. Sonata I & II? — 2002 performance by James Tenney (prepared piano) , two more Sonatas XIV & XV? by Tenney can be found here.
  6. Sonata V — from the Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48), terrific view from inside the prepared piano
  7. Cage playing 4'33" on piano in street — 1976 clip from Nam June Paik's "Tribute to John Cage" [the video clip didn't play too well on my work PC]
  8. 4'33" — by Margaret Leng Tan (toy piano)
  9. Water Walk — 1960 performance on I've Got a Secret TV show.
  10. Speech — 1982? rehearsal supervised by Cage
  11. Variations III — 2007 rehearsals by Motion Ensemble
  12. Variations V — 1965? clip (2 minutes) of Cage, Tudor, Gordon Mumma performing Variations V with Merce Cunningham dancers
  13. John Cage and David Tudor — 1966 electronic performance + Cage speaking from "Sound?" (Variations V? VII?)
  14. Solos for Voice 58 — 88 minute performance of these 18 microtonal ragas

Interviews and Documentaries

  1. 1969 interview — excerpt of 1969 interview, Quicktime movie
  2. mushroom picking — video of Cage collecting mushrooms and speaking, from 1980?
  3. Birdcage — 1972 documentary by Hans G Helms for German TV
  4. Four American Composers: John Cage — 1983 documentary by Peter Greenaway
  5. 27 Sounds made in a kitchen — portion of Peter Greenaway film with voice-over by Cage, 1983?
  6. 1987 interview
  7. American Masters: John Cage — 1990 documentary by Vivian Perlis


(dates with ? are approximated by Josh Ronsen)
  1. spikey hair — 1948?
  2. more spikey hair
    — Cage on cover of Critical Inquiry
  3. car — Cage driving his Model A, 1952?
  4. New School Class — Cage and students in the infamous New School class, 1958/9?
  5. Cage and Cathy Berberian — 1962?
  6. Cage and Cathy Berberian — 1962?
  7. Cage and James Drew — 1964
  8. Cage and David Tudor — 1964
  9. in performance — photo of Cage in performance with Tudor, Gordon Mumma, and Merce Cunningham dancers (also 2 minute video clip), 1965
  10. William Gedney Photos — 38 black and white photos of Cage taken by William Gerdney in the late 1960s, photos include the electronic chessboard from "Reunion" and Cage hunting for mushrooms
  11. 4 photos of Cage — 1967-8
  12. performing Vexations — 1969
  13. dark Cage — 1970? portrait
  14. Cage and Mumma with headphones — 1970, Cage and Gordon Mumma in radio studio
  15. 4 photos — 4 photos of Cage from 1970? to 1990?
  16. 4 photos — 4 other photos of Cage from 1970? to 1990?
  17. laugh — bearded Cage laughing
  18. lecturing to young people — 1973 at Oberlin
  19. collage photos — 8 photos of Cage on poster for 1980 lecture
  20. painting — Cage working on art at Crown Point Press, 1980
  21. reading — Cage performs at The University of Maryland, 1981
  22. 2 photos of Cage and Cunningham — 1983
  23. Cage and Cunningham in Italy — 1985?
  24. Cage meeting Sun Ra — image from rare album cover, 1986
  25. smile — Cage giving a smile while posing, 1987
  26. painting — Cage painting, 1988
  27. Cage and LaBarbara — Cage and Joan LaBarbara, 1988?
  28. Cage and Margaret Leng Tan — 1988?
  29. Cage making soup — 1989
  30. holding box of mysterious objects — 1990?
  31. holding cat — 1990?
  32. Cage explaining — closeup of face, 1990?
  33. Cage with players — Cage with SF Contempoary Players, Gordon Mumma, William Winnat, 1992

Misc info

  1. SILENCE: The John Cage Discussion List — an email discussion list run by Joseph Zitt. Searchable archives of the list can be found at the New Albion Records website. The archives for the list from 1994-199 are here.
  2. upcoming Cage concerts around the world
  3. John Cage Compendium — a detailed list of what Cgae did, when and where.
  4. Chronology 1912-1972 and Chronology1972-1992 — Detailed day-to-day activies compiled by Paul van Emmerik
  5. Detailed bibliography A-B — compiled by Paul van Emmerik, continued in C, D-J, K-P and Q-Z.
  6. bibliographic index of pieces — an index of where each composition is mentioned in Cage literature
  7. index for book "Conversing with Cage" — compiled by Larry Solomon
  8. computer programs — list of computer programs designed by Andrew Culver and used by Cage in his work.
  9. Cage/Fluxus bibliography — bibiolography of Cage interviews pertaining to Fluxus
  10. Cage bibliography — from Corner magazine
  11. CDs of Cage's music can be ordered from Forced Exposure (US), Mode (US), Ogre Press @ CD Baby (US)
  12. Edition Peters — Cage's primary publisher, Cage's scores can be ordered from here
  13. Electronic Arts Intermix — has videos to rent for educational & screening rentals
  14. Wesleyan University Cage archive
  15. Fonts — Computer fonts based on Cage's handwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. SILENCE: The John Cage Discussion List — this email discussion list is the perfect place to ask questions concerning John Cage. Searchable archives of the list can be found at the New Albion Records website.
  2. What can I do? One thing that is needed that I do not have time to do is to compile lists of web sites about Cage in German and French. Also, I would like to post interviews with Cage from out of print sources. I need help in getting permission to post these.

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