Josh Ronsen

"Stone Piece"

While studying physics at the University of Chicago, I discovered the text/graphic scores of John Cage, Cornelius Cardew and the group of artists known as Fluxus. I rarely get a chance to perform using my inspirations from these sources (although Alex Keller and I will present a concert of Fluxus and fluxish works in 2004). My "Stone Piece" (2003) obviously explores similar concepts to Yoko Ono's infamous "Cut Piece" (1964), opening ideas of submission, morality, mortality! which do not fit with the majority of my performances and recordings.

(Brent Fariss takes over)


Josh Ronsen is a local musician and artist who has been active in the Austin underground for over 10 years. He currently plays in Frequency Curtain, brekekekexkoaxkoax, the Gates Ensemble and the Austin New Music Co-Op.



photos by: Cory Ryan

developed by: Jason Pierce