Bill Thompson

"fountain path"

often when we walk along a beautiful path, the visual element is given the most attention. as a sound artist however, i feel more affinity for the sounds i encounter then with the visual. with this installation i am attempting to bring attention to some of these sounds such as our footsteps against the walkway, or the sound of stones dropped in a fountain. i used a variety of contact mics and altered music toys/karaoke machines as amplification.



Bill Thompson holds a masters degree in composition from Southwest Texas State University and is active as a composer/performer in the Austin and surrounding areas. He founded the ensemble Gates and co-hosts a monthly house concert (The Loft Series) with Brent Fariss and Clark Crawford under the name ThomFariCraw. In addition to Gates and TFC, he has worked with the Imbroglio String Quartet, Austin New Music Coop and others. He also runs a cd-r label Ecolirecords, and Spectral House with Brent Fariss.



photos by: Cory Ryan

developed by: Jason Pierce