Alex Keller


Central Texas' Enchanted Rock got its name from the Tonkawa Indian tribe because of the sounds that the rock made at night when cooling from the heat of the sun. 'Encantada' is a piece that uses vibration-sensitive microphones embedded in a frozen soup of sand, rocks and ice. As the microphones and the material that they are suspended in thaw, we will hear the sound of the temperature change of the microphone and the rocks as well as the rocks beginning to move in the slush and water.



Alex Keller is an Austin-based sound artist. In his work he likes to explore formal ideas of narrative, investigate the relationship between authentic sound events and recorded ones, and use unconventional production techniques. Alex's pieces can take the form of field recording, sound design, performance, instrument invention, installation, and digital media compositions.



photos by: Cory Ryan

developed by: Jason Pierce